Top 10 Absolute Best Microwave Ovens in India- Buyer’s Guide

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Top 10 Absolute Best Microwave Ovens in India- Buyer’s Guide

Do you need the best Microwave Ovens? This is what we all need when we want to roast, cook or grill food. But you need to make sure that you purchase a Microwave Oven which is best suited for your kitchen needs. Here are the top 10 Microwave Ovens that can prove to be a great investment.

First, there is the Branded Microwave Ovens, manufactured by companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Dell, etc. These ovens have many different functionalities, but the main feature is the convection cooking process. Here are some of the best compact microwave ovens that are available in the market. First, a list of the most popular ovens.

Samsung microwave ovens – While talking about Samsung microwave ovens, one thing that strikes you right away is their sleek looks and advanced technology. They are stylish, large LCD with an attractive bezel around it and many additional features like a USB port, touchpad, power saving modes and anti-glare screen protector, safety lock etc. They are all packed in one-touch designs that are a pleasure to use. They have good power management and auto sensor that minimize wastage of power and keep the device on standby mode when on standby mode. All Samsung microwave ovens are accompanied by a five-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Kenwood microwave oven – Another popular brand that has recently entered the Indian market is Kenwood. They offer a large screen and large display for controlling its functions. This is why Kenwood microwave ovens are always preferred by many consumers. With an easy to operate user interface, the Kenwood microwave oven provides flexibility for all types of cooking procedures.

Bosch – A very famous manufacturer of high-quality compact microwave ovens, Bosch offers several models for different types of users. The Bamboo Microwave oven provides a very large display for cooking and has various cooking options including the auto cook option. It is very easy to use and comes with a long warranty. There are many other models by this company as well as Dual combos, Euro, Zojirushi Orbit etc. Most of these products are available with a one-year limited warranty.

Smeg – A leading appliance and device producer, Smeg is known for its various household appliances. It has recently entered the UK market and introduced a new range of compact microwaves. The Munchy Pod Microwave oven provides a large display with a user-friendly control system for all types of cooking processes. The product is designed for both normal and can also be used for grilling.

All these ovens are very affordable and one can easily buy them online through a suitable website. These ovens are made with eco-friendly technologies and are safe for the environment as well. All the products mentioned above have their own merits and demerits. Select the right product and experience the fun and convenience of cooking in an Oven. microwave ovens can be purchased from any reputed online store at affordable prices.

You should always opt for the microwave oven that gives you the best performance. A microwave oven that provides an extended shelf life will perform better than an ordinary one. It should have a long enough life so that one can use it for many years. A good model should be able to cook food faster so that you can save time. For all these reasons, you should always look for long term options when buying these products.

A microwave oven should come with a long warranty. The longer the warranty, the better it is since it is an investment. One should check whether the oven has a one-touch auto-close function. This feature enables the user to manually close the oven after cooking food gets boring. It should come with a thermometer so that one can accurately measure the temperature at various levels during cooking.

A good compact microwave should have a control system. The control system should be easy to operate and should allow the cooking of varied foods. A good model should have variable cooking temperatures, an auto shut off function and a clear display. It should have safety measures such as delay control, auto shut off, low heat setting and prevent food from burning. All these features and more can be found in an excellent model.

Let’s see the list of Best Microwave Ovens in India

Our Top Picks in Table

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Our Top Picks with Details

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Best For Capacity

Here is the list of Top 10 Absolute Bestsellers in Microwave Oven India 2021

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Here you can find the comparison of the Top 10 Absolute Bestsellers in Microwave Oven India 2021

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